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A Balanced Diet Gives You Shiny, Acne-free Skin

A Balanced Diet Gives You Shiny, Acne-free Skin

The food you eat and the drinks you pour down your throat will get converted into flesh and blood. You are the author of your Constitution. Therefore maintain a balanced approach to your diet.

Your food is your grave, said the famous playwright and writer Bernard Shaw. He is also a strict vegetarian. My stomach is not a grave to bury dead animals, he said about non-vegetarian food.

The best foods to eat for healthy, glowing skin

Well, I don’t want to touch on the second statement in this article and concentrate on the topic of a diet that is good for you, that is, a balanced diet. If you take good food, you will have a healthy body and glowing skin. If you take the wrong food, it will erupt from the skin in the form of zits.

Do you see birds and animals? They have a fixed time to eat and a fixed time to rest. You cannot make your dog the most loyal, Eat against his will. Maybe according to other orders from the master, but as for eating, he has his own rules and regulations.

And we, the so-called humans, are rational beings; hailed as the crown of creation; The most loving child of God! We are ready to eat anything at any time.

Have you ever realized that there are several partners in your food intake company, apart from those who dance tastefully on the tongue? Have you ever thought about the quality of food you take part in? Did you even know that high cholesterol levels lead to hardening of the arteries, which can lead to heart disease or heart attacks?

Eat your way to fabulous skin

Food and drink intake must be healthy. Take sugar in moderate quantities, and get your cholesterol checked at regular levels. If it crosses 200, consult your doctor immediately. And pay attention – you alone are responsible for your current physical condition!

For a woman who is physically fit, it must be around 21% to 31%. If he fits like a model, it can be as low as 10%. For men, it must be between 14% to 25% level. For an athlete’s body, it can return as low as 2%.

Remember, most diseases are invited by you. Disease does not come alone, unless you create conditions for their comfortable existence in your body with your life wrong. The wrong diet is believed to be the cause of acne attacks too. Fruit juice is certainly good for your skin’s glow. Acne just wants an excuse to make your skin a place to stay for quite a long period of time.

The golden rule of a good diet is to avoid all types of junk food. Take seasonal fruits and vegetables. Prefer vegetables full of fiber. Nature gives the right thing in the right season. Follow Do not deal with it. Avoid artificial food and drinks.

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